One of America’s Largest Jewelers:

An assessment of asset workflows, led to insights around Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and Product Information Management (PIM). Facilitated a series of strategic and tactical workshops to help the organization align their business objectives with technology approaches resulting in a documented strategy and technology plan. With a plan in hand, executed a series of facilitated RFPs and Demonstrations, putting the company in a position to make critical data management decisions in alignment with core business objectives.

“Tom and I worked together on an assessment evaluating the business, financial and technical fit of a Digital Asset Management solution for a large retail organization. My role was the project manager/lead on the effort. Tom provided expert knowledge and consultative direction through difficult decisions regarding scope and business requirements. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tom on future efforts.”
Business Consultant
worked with PIM Symmetry at this company

B2B and B2C Electronics Wholesale Distributor:

Without any optimized internal processes, the sales, eCommerce, marketing and creative groups were being asked to do more than what they had capacity to do. Applied business process reengineering techniques to document and optimize several core business processes driving significant improvement throughout the sales and marketing organizations.

“Tom’s input and attention to detail has completely transformed our advertising methods. Tom has empowered the employees at our company to step out of the box, and has been a complete pleasure to work with. With his ideals and guidance, we have eliminated hundreds of steps involved in advertising our products. With his knowledge, as well as experience, Tom has captured every step involved in the advertising process, and has completely revamped the process, despite the fact that a PIM isn’t necessarily coming in the near future. He has also served as a mentor, and has been a pleasure to work with.”
worked with PIM Symmetry at this company

“Tom is the best organizer of electronic workflow and digital asset management solutions that I’ve ever met.”
VP Marketing
hired PIM Symmetry

Office Supplies Giant:

A race to address value in a large merger environment led to an engagement around Data Governance, Taxonomy Management, Product Information attribute assessment, eCommerce integration, Content Creation, Digital Asset Capture, Site Search, Site Testing and Data Cleansing activities focused on the Oracle EDQP tool. The core issue at hand was poor data quality, which was a result of a lack of processes, a lack of standards, a lack of capacity, inconsistent data entry, and third-party import inconsistency in style and accuracy. By developing a documented information architecture and governance standard, implementing a RACI environment, strategically training members to use their tools properly, and incorporating new tools, this company positioned themselves to be more of the leader in their merger.

“Tom did an excellent job of aligning and adjusting resources as our project matured and priorities changed. Tom brings a tremendous amount of MDM/PIM and DAM knowledge to any project and is able to help solution data and digital asset opportunities for small and large enterprises. The project tracking and alignment was on target and Tom was able to pull together deliverables as requested.”
eCommerce Director and Project Owner
worked with Tom

Entrepreneurial SEM Provider:

A small entrepreneurial SEM company became stagnant in growth with a privately operated owner managing all aspects of the operation. The insight to develop processes and workflows around both current customer engagements and applying that to new and more leading edge engagements allowed the company to grow more than 100 percent in the past two years.

“I have known tom for 20 years and have never met a more organized, results oriented individual. Tom is very systematic and thoughtful in his approach to problem solving. His step-by-step approach virtually guarantees success.

“I would recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a partner who will take the time to understand the challenge, come up with a solid solution and see it through to a successful completion.”
hired PIM Symmetry as a Business Consultant

Start-Up Agency:

A small entrepreneurial media prodution agency serving the medical community, had great ideas, but not much organization and no marketing approach. Created marketing campaigns and sought venture capital funding.

“Tom’s ability to collect, analyze, categorize and prioritize facts regarding a situation and then factor in the human component, to develop a viable solution…is an enviable talent.
His work ethic, honesty and candid approach to personal and business matters are refreshing.”
worked with PIM Symmetry at this company

A Printer’s Technology Partner:

A printer with mild technology skills and insight needed partnership on approaches with companies that were struggling in Product Information Management technology. By co-presenting and sales support, was able to provide solutions for customers, retain print contracts and retain/build the relationships.

“Without PIM Symmetry, I’d still be working with creative teams assembling catalogs the old fashioned way. Or, maybe I wouldn’t have the job at all. I was able to stay ahead of their needs and now they look to me for any informatonal technology guidance.”
worked with PIM Symmetry at this company

Innovative MDM for PIM Provider:

As one of the industry’s first MDM for Product Information solution providers, this company needed help in organization, project management, marketing and implementations, all while going through a mother-company bankruptcy and a management buyout. Throughout the transition the primary focus was on: development of Project Management, Change Management and Workflow development standard practices; oversight of Global Software Implementations (South America, U.K., Spain, Sweden, U.S.); development of marketing strategy and overall responsibility for customer support and satisfaction and development of a market driven product and technology roadmap.

“Over the past decade, my observation of Tom as a business associate has been favorable and impressive. However, now having worked directly for him over the past two years, I can highly recommend him as a colleague as well.

“It’s evident that his management experience provides a steady demeanor with difficult situations and the ability to focus his attention on the resolution of problems as they arise.

“Tom has provided unique solutions and a fresh perspective to our marketing and sales efforts. He is confident and presents himself well one-on-one or in front of a packed room. His affable personality and good humor round out a solid character. He clearly dedicates himself to the success of any team fortunate enough to involve him.”
Sr. Project Manager
worked directly for Tom

“Many companies hire people to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns. They also bring on staff to examine current processes and manage the changes necessary to increase efficiency. When new technology is required, they bring someone in to explore what is available, make a selection, then lead the implementation project. If you could find one person to do all those things, his name would be Tom Marine.

“Tom’s key strength is change management. He is a visionary with the unique ability to look at an activity, recognize an opportunity to improve it, and then shape people and processes to achieve dramatic results. Every company needs someone like Tom.”
Senior Account Manager,
was a consultant or contractor to Tom

“Tom’s excellent knowledge of the industry and marketing skills have fast tracked our ability to roll out a creative, targeted and effective sales and market campaigns. Tom has the ability to work on a strategic planning level, facilitating discussions and bringing out creative ideas. He also has the ability to action plans on a very detailed level, delivering the highest quality campaigns and ensuring that goals have been exceeded.

“Tom, has been both an early adopter and successful implementer of PIM and database publishing solutions. He has a thorough understanding of the available technology and the change management issues to make recommendations on the most suitable solutions and workflows. He also has the necessary management, people and marketing experience to ensure new processes are successful implemented and ROI is maximized.”
hired Tom as a Business Consultant

“Tom has this ability to motivate people into realizing a goal or outcome, which I think stems from the way he treats people, as genuine people, and not a project resource or subordinate.

This recent project (which is still going from strength to strength due to a very passionate and highly capable team) proved how he can help transform a company and its outlook on Database Publishing in an incredibly short space of time.”
Application Design / Project Consultant
was a colleague, consultant or contractor to Tom

Other Business Recommendations:

“Tom is the consummate professional in every way. When I worked with him, our company was in constant flux, and Tom always did his best to be on top of those changes and to have a forward-looking view of the ultimate effects of those changes. Additionally, from the “outside looking in”, I always thought Tom was the type of manager I would have liked to have had.

“Overall, in my experience, I, as an IT professional, would highly recommend Tom — he has a wide range of experience that would benefit any company — that experience ranges from marketing expertise to a general systems functionality and requirements knowledge to personnel management to a good solid common sense approach to virtually everything with which I ever dealt with Tom.

“I can’t imagine a company that would be sorry that they had given Tom a chance at any position, from President to Marketing director to IT manager.”
Senior Application Developer
worked indirectly for Tom

“Tom looks at things from the event is neutral viewpoint; however, the attitude, and approach you take makes the difference. This allows him to clearly look at issues from all angles, determine the best approach to take, get buy-in and get things accomplished no one else could. In working with Tom, I saw him take this approach in mentoring his staff, fostering teamwork, facilitating meetings, project work, and providing strategic direction.

“Tom is great at building relationships and getting the most out of individuals he works with. He listens and alters his approach to get the most out of individual. He communicates clearly with constructive feedback. He gains trust through delivering on what is promised and leading by example. Tom is approachable, and cognizant to peripheral events and influencers that can impact the results. This allows Tom to see and resolve issues before others realize they are occurring.

“I watched Tom bring new ideas, technologies, approaches, which helped the company and his employees grow and be challenged. Each item brought value to the organization and Tom was able to get things accomplished that had failed in the past by bringing departments together to resolve a business issue.”
IT Director
worked with Tom

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom while he was the Marketing Director. My agency was participating in the redesign and development of their website and online purchasing system and relied on Tom as an industry expert, project manager and the overall “voice of reason” in this very complex undertaking that involved several other agencies and coordination of CRP’s internal IT and marketing teams. His exceptional balance of both industry knowledge and online marketing technologies combined with organizational and communication skills kept the project on track and ensured its success.

“Tom made himself available to our agency at all times and encouraged a collaborative environment for all the parties involved. I would highly recommend him has an excellent marketing executive or within any leadership position that involves coordination of complex issues and diverse groups of individuals.”
Owner, NY eCommerce Provider
was with another company when working with Tom

“Tom makes a great leader because he has the ability to listen impartially to an issue, and then work with his team to execute a solution as quickly as possible. He does this by identifying the strengths of each team member and then allowing each individual to use her skill set to work towards the overall solution. The trust he places in each member enables the group to work more efficiently and successfully.”
Reported to Tom

“Tom Marine is by far the best President, VP, or Director I have worked with. His knowledge and experience in the catalog and internet channel helped bridge many communication and vocabulary gaps that are typical of most businesses. He is great sharing his experience as well as pointing out additional ways to improve yourself as an employee as well as a person. Probably the Best Mentor anyone could ever have.”
E-Commerce Manager
Reported to Tom

“Tom Marine is a dynamic personality, and a versatile change agent. He has the ability to marry process to the appropriate technologies, and produce high quality output. Tom is not afraid to stretch the limits and imaginations of those he works with in order to help them think “outside of the box” to achieve greater results. Tom is well respected in the industry. He is a great communicator, and the consumate professional. Tom can look at a glass and not see it half empty but instead ask “why not a carafe”. Allow Tom to spread his creative wings, and he will take your organization to higher ground.”
Director, Information Technology
worked with Tom

“Tom’s industry knowledge and leadership skills make him a tremendous asset within the senior management group. His vision and communication skills allow him to direct and manage process improvements better than anyone I have worked with.”
Marketing Database Manager,
worked with Tom

“Tom is an outstanding coach, leader and mentor. He devoted time to each member of the team, making it a priority to understand their unique roles and responsibilities.

“Through weekly one-on-ones and weekly department meetings, we were able to develop a strategy for accomplishing our mutual goals and tracking our progress.

“Tom treats individuals according to their unique personality traits, understanding that different people may require different coaching styles. It is this consideration that allows him to work so well with a variety of different people.”
Marketing Coordinator
reported to Tom

“Tom is an amazing worker. The volume and consistency of his work are excellence in motion. Tom is a remarkable organizer of his work, the marketing department’s work, and he organizes much of the enterprise when marketing becomes involved in projects. His recaps of meetings help keep teams on track and deadlines within reach. Tom helps organize the entire company, which is a valuable asset.

“Tom is a clear thinker and clear communicator. Tom created the Center For Collaboration (C4C), which has become a think tank for many project teams beyond marketing. Tom organizes many complex issues into discernable components for resolution on the walls of the C4C.

“Under Tom’s leadership, the marketing department has produced double the amount of catalogs and pages in circulation. E-mails produced have more than doubled. The website has been enhanced with landing pages, home page redesign, a knowledge base and a pay per click program. Add to all of this increased production the advent of theme campaigns throughout the year. Tom has managed to incorporate themed campaigns with his already deployed integrated marketing system.

“For the first time, with Tom’s coordinated leadership, the company has taken on segmentation of the customer base and the market. Circulation has become more of a science; and reporting has been improved and deepened. New prospect lists have been tested. New mailing cycles have been analyzed, and new catalog in-home dates have been developed. Outside resources have been brought in to profile the customer database, develop a brand, analyze the catalog, develop a new website and implement a pay per click program. Tom manages all of these partnerships and organizes the projects on behalf of the company.

“Tom’s enthusiasm has been contagious in the department. All of the marketing staff members display an eagerness to cooperate and succeed, a positive attitude. Tom has done an excellent job in building comradeship amongst the staff. There is a team atmosphere in marketing that Tom has created, and this teamwork should result in higher productivity and better problem solving.

“During the transition of the marketing department management, Tom has earned the respect of everyone in the company who associates with him. It was a difficult challenge to step into the lead marketing role, and Tom has done an admirable job in taking the helm, moving the department ahead, whilst getting the staff to buy into his direction. It was not easy for Tom to bring changes to the catalog and implement new marketing techniques, yet he persevered, and made friends along the way.”
managed Tom

“Tom and I worked closely with each other on both printed catalogs and electronic media. Tom did an outstanding job working with his team to implement new technology to improve productivity within his group and the company. He is a consumate professional with a commanding knowledge of the advertising industry, especially with regards to electronic media. He was always the “go to” guy whenever there was a question regarding systems or processes. More important, Tom is a leader who is able to envision the future… and then deliver on that vision.”
Director Of Merchandising
worked directly with Tom

“I have provided IT support for Tom in excess of 15 years. His understanding of workflows & Database Publishing are unparalleled. His people management skills are fantastic– his group always seems to want to perform at their best for him. Great motivator! His attention to detail & organization are what has made him successful and sets him apart. I would strongly recommend him.”
President, Computer Support Company
was a consultant or contractor to Tom

“Tom is an experienced leader who is extremely organized in day-to-day work as well as long-term projects. He constantly looks for ways to streamline processes in not only his department, but the entire company. His forward thinking allows for more unification and teamwork between all departments. Tom possesses a positive attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to meet deadlines and budget. He not only focuses on the tasks at-hand, but looks toward the future to align business goals and new technologies that can be utilized and implemented to attain those goals and objectives.”
Direct Marketing Specialist
reported to Tom

“Tom is a great manager of both people and projects. During my time working with Tom, I was impressed by his attention to detail. Tom has an amazing eye for detail. He is able to see every aspect of a project and identify potential pitfalls before they become catastrophes. He is also very good about playing to an individual’s strengths. Tom knows how to pick the right person for the job. If you are looking for someone who knows how to keep it all going and growing, then Tom is your guy.”
Apple / Macintosh Consultant
was consultanty or contractor to Tom

“Tom is an excellent manager of people and processes. He is especially astute with database publishing and change management and the right way to implement digital solutions–taking time to carefully consider all people and workflow aspects. Tom is definitely a respected leader by his staff and others.”
VP, Marketing & Catalog Operations
worked with Tom

“Tom is like no other client I have worked with. He is ultra-organised and earns a huge amount of natural respect from the people who worked with him (above and below).
His preparation, enthusiasm and determination to make the project a success (which it was, a huge success) made the project run very smoothly and I would work with him again in a heart beat.”
Technical Consultant
was a consultant or contractor to Tom

“Tom quickly re-organized the pre-press department while dramatically increasing production. He’s extremely organized, continually looking for process efficiencies and is a motivating manager that works well with employees to help them achieve their career goals.”
QA Administrator
reported to Tom

“Tom has a very effective management style whether he is directing people or handling specific projects. Tom adds value to any organization by developing people and partnerships.”
Director of Marketing
worked with Tom